The Best Breckenridge Wedding Venues

A Guide to Your Breckenridge Colorado Wedding

Breckenridge Wedding Venues
If you are researching different Breckenridge wedding venues, and ways to make your wedding in Breck be the most memorable day ever… you have come to the right place! Below you will find a list of my favorite Wedding Venues in and around the town of Breckenridge. Information about Breck and all that there is to do while in the town with your family and friends who are attending your wedding. And different ways that you can prepare to have the best Colorado Mountain Wedding.


#1 Tenmile Station


Definitely at the top of my list for places to check out for your Breck wedding. Tenmile Station is a gorgeous and cozy mountain venue located at Breck Resort on peak 10. The scenery is unreal here. You get some of the most gorgeous mountain views but also have access to ski runs and forests all within walking distance. The photo possibilities seem endless here. And that’s because they pretty much are! This gorgeous ski lodge wedding venue is the perfect setting for a charming Colorado Mountain Wedding. They are also dog friendly which is a HUGE plus. You are welcome to have your dogs partake in your ceremony or have them in your wedding portraits as long as they stay outside the building.


  • Located Right At The Base of Peak 10
  • Gorgeous Panorama Views
  • Dog Friendly
  • Great for larger weddings and holds up to 200 people
  • $$$$ On the higher side price wise, but worth it when they take care of SO much.


#2 Breckenridge Nordic Center


This is one of those wedding venues that just screams Colorado! The Breckenridge Nordic Center is is tucked away on ski hill road near the heart of town.  You get some really gorgeous mountain views around that area which makes for great photos. Not to mention the venue itself is super Cabin/Lodge like. It’s photogenic in itself.  I often see deer or foxes making an appearance at weddings here too which is just so very “Colorado”.  It’s also ideal location wise. Super close to town, and extremely close to rental properties. This particular wedding the groom and groomsmen got ready at their rental across the street and we all just walked across the street to the wedding venue when it was time to head over.


  • Located Near Town and Vacation Rentals
  • Gorgeous Views
  • Feels very secluded
  • Easily can hold 100 people, maybe more.
  • Price is not listed online, Reach out to venue for pricing information!

#2 The Lodge at Breckenridge

Lodge at Breckenridge Wedding Venue

Ok this place is just downright charming. The Lodge at Breckenridge is a quaint little lodge thats located at the bottom of Boreas Pass in Breck. Being a lodge itself, means you can actually have your accommodations right there on site. Which makes it a wonderful spot for guests and bridal party to stay. They even have two guest homes on site particularly for the wedding party to rent. The views form their deck are amazing. The deck is the location where their ceremonies take place. This wedding venue is good for both large and small weddings.


  • Near town but still slightly secluded
  • Gorgeous View of the Tenmile Range
  • You can easily drive up Boreas Pass if you have time for off location portraits
  • Good for both large and small weddings, can hold up to 200 people.
  • 45 guest rooms and suites with 2 private luxury guest homes ideal for wedding parties
  • Dog Friendly
  • $$$ Moderately priced for the area. Reach out to them for exact pricing.


Wedding Venues in Breckenridge Colorado
Lodge at Breck
Breckenridge Wedding Venues


#4 Sapphire Point


One of the most popular small wedding and elopement locations in Colorado is located just outside of Breckenridge in Dillon. Sapphire point has gorgeous views over lake Dillon and is close to many different popular portrait locations. This is not a venue that is good for big weddings, nor is there shelter at this location. So, you do have to deal with the elements sometimes. If you are cool with that, this can be the perfect small wedding or elopement spot for you!

** COVID – 19 UPDATE **
Currently the online reservation system has been closed for the remainder of 2020 due to Covid-19. Please reach out to the US Forest Service for more Info or refer to


  • Outdoors Only – Open Year Round
  • Gorgeous View of the Tenmile Range over Lake Dillon
  • No Bathrooms
  • You can easily drive up Loveland Pass, Go explore around Lake Dillon, or explore the town of Frisco or Breck for your wedding portraits outside of this area.
  • Good for small weddings and elopements. Max 35 people
  • Non exclusive day use area. Meaning other people are welcome to come to this park at the same time, you can not block off the area from the general public.
  • Dog Friendly
  • $ Low Price of $110.00 per time slot. Great for low budget weddings or if you want to put majority of your budget towards other vendors like Catering, Rental House, or Photographer/Videographers

#5 Windy Point Campground


Such a good spot for anyones Colorado Mountain Wedding. Similar to Sapphire Point, Windy Point Campground is located right on lake Dillon (just a 5 minute drive from each other) with amazing views AND a lake beach (depending on time of year and lake water level). This location is outdoors but does have a pavilion – a huge plus. And is actually a good low budget spot for a moderately sized wedding. I think the views are actually better from over here at Windy Point Campground compared to Sapphire Point. But that can be up for debate for sure haha. This spot does not come with any sort of seating or decor. Everything you must bring in on your own.

** COVID – 19 UPDATE **
Currently the online reservation system has been closed for the remainder of 2020 due to Covid-19. Please reach out to the US Forest Service for more Info or refer to


  • Outdoors Only – Open Year Round – Comes with Pavillion
  • Gorgeous View of the Tenmile Range over Lake Dillon
  • Lake Beach depending on time of year
  • On Site Bathrooms
  • Tons of great portrait locations without having to leave the area.
  • Good for small weddings and moderately sized weddings Max 100 people
  • Exclusive day use area. Meaning you can reserve the entire camping area and the pavillion together.
  • Dog Friendly
  • $ Low Price of $500.00 per night for both the pavillion and camp area. Great for low budget weddings or if you want to put majority of your budget towards other vendors like Catering, Rental House, or Photographer/Videographers

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Venues
Colorado Mountain Wedding at Windy Point Campground
Colorado Mountain Wedding at Lake Dillon


#6 Blue Lakes

Colorado Mountain Wedding at Blue Lakes near Breckenridge

This spot is a gorgeous reservoir about half an hour outside of Breckenridge on Blue Lakes Rd. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “wedding venue” but you are able to have weddings there on the super small side. I like to add it on here because it is a unique location that often gets overlooked when planning smaller weddings in the Breckenridge area and makes for a great spot for any small Colorado Mountain Elopement. Blue Lakes is located at the base of Quandary Peak just before you head up Hoosier pass. Quandary Peak is A popular 14er here in Colorado, and makes for one gorgeous photo background. This spot is both beautiful at sunrise and sunset, but sunrise is always less crowded as this is a popular Breckenridge hiking location.


  • Outdoors Only – Only accessible by car in the summer
  • Road closes late fall depending on snowfall. Snowshoes needed to access it in the winter.
  • Amazingly epic views
  • Road can be EXTREMELY bumpy on the way up. It is typically pretty well groomed but sometimes you get it at a time after some crazy weather and lots of traffic and it can get very rough.
  • No bathrooms at lakes
  • An Iconic 14er is located here – Mt. Quandary
  • Good for smaller weddings and elopements – Think UNDER 10 people.
  • Non Reservable. Public Area and others will and can be present.
  • Dog Friendly
  • $ Free, as there is no rental process and totally first come first serve.
  • NEED TO FOLLOW LEAVE NO TRACE PRINCIPLES. If you are unfamiliar with LNT principles, CLICK HERE.

Colorado Mountain Wedding at Blue Lakes near Breckenridge


#7 Silverthorne Pavilion


Silverthorne Pavillion Wedding Photo by Autumn Cutaia Photography

Another popular lower budget location near the Breckenridge area is the Silverthorne Pavilion. Yes its technically in Silverthorne, but it absolutely needs to be on this list just to be included for the general vicinity. You get SO much bang for your buck with this rental. A great location in the mountains that wont entirely break the bank. Depending on time of year and day of the week, you can get it for a rental fee as low as $650.00. Prime wedding dates and season can bring that price up to just shy of $4,000.00. Pricing includes the use of the Pavilion and grounds, indoor tables and chairs, setup of indoor tables and chairs, centerpiece materials closet, basic use of indoor sound systems, bridal and groom suites, and an attendant on hand to help oversee your event. Pretty incredible.


  • Outdoor ceremony site with indoor reception hall
  • Different areas all around for portraits and some mountain views
  • Creek access
  • Low cost range
  • Located just 20 minutes outside of Breckenridge.
  • Alcohol must be purchased through town of Silverthorne bar attendants. So NO BYOB.
  • Can hold up to 280 people

Breck wedding venuesphotos of silverthorne pavilion taken by autumn cutaia

#8 Rent Out a VRBO that Allows Weddings


Ok this can be a great choice for those wanting a more intimate or private gathering for their Colorado Mountain wedding.  There are some airbnbs that allow you to rent out the place not just to stay in, but also host your wedding or event. You need to make sure that with any rental you choose, events are ALLOWED to happen there. Do not try and skirt around their policies as it can result in some hefty fines for the renter.

Using a VRBO or AirBNB rental as Breckenridge Wedding Venues can be a great option for a really unique wedding that no one else has had but YOU. Especially if you find a newer rental that hasn’t hosted any events yet. Plus, its so nice to be able to get ready on site and not have to leave the comfort of the home before your ceremony or dinner, except maybe to go explore for portraits.


  • You MUST check with the renter to see if events are allowed
  • Allows you to be more personal and private
  • Usually accessible year round
  • Can hire your own private chef and host an intimate dinner
  • So many location options with rentals.
  • Cost Effective. Many High end rentals are anywhere from $800-$1500 per night. And usually have a minimum rental of 2-3 nights.
  • Guest amount will depend on the rental. I have seen anywhere from around 15 allowed, up to around 50. Great option for small weddings.
  • Plan in advanced with your photographer your entire wedding timeline, so you can go explore epic locations for portraits.

Airbnb wedding in Breckenridge

Magical Bride and Groom Portraits in Breckenridge on top of a mountain in the snow

Snowy wedding portraits in Breckenridge Colorado



Summer Time

Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues

I might be bias when I say summer is my favorite time in Breck for a Colorado Mountain Wedding. Mainly because you can access all of the fun spots and not have to worry about (too much) crazy winter weather lol. And you can access these spots by car. I say too much, because It’s Colorado and the weather is CRAZY here. It’s known for a random blizzard to happen into June sometimes. Typically though, Summer brings you warm and sunny weather above 9k feet. Did you know Colorado gets over 300 days of sunshine a year?

While the summer here is monsoon season, the afternoon showers typically don’t last very long and move through pretty quickly if there are any. And the rain showers just bring all the gorgeous wildflowers in the later summer. It is such a sight you guys! Also another plus about Summer is the days are SO much longer. You have way more light to work with for a much longer period of time. Great when planning for photos. You just can NOT go wrong with a summer wedding, elopement, or even engagement sessions in Breckenridge. The perfect time for a Colorado Mountain Wedding.

Summer Wedding at Breckenridge Wedding Venue

Fall Season

Fall Wedding at Breckenridge Wedding Venue Windy Point Campground

Oh Fall how I LOVE you so. I think fall is probably my personal favorite season here in Colorado. It is also MAGICAL for weddings because you just might get some really gorgeous leaves changing at the time of your wedding and you guys… I am telling yah its the most gorgeous thing you might ever see. If you haven’t witnessed the leaves changing in Colorado yet, you need to go check it out this coming fall!

The weather can be either warm, or chilly. It can be sunny, rainy, or snowy. Yes, i said snowy. This year… we got snow on SEPTEMBER 6TH! It was absolutely nuts that we got snow that early but it happens. Likely it wont last long. But it does happen from time to time .

Example of some gorgeous fall snow at a Mid October Wedding:
Fall Wedding with Snow in Breckenridge

Also, the leaves changing as amazing as they are, do not last very long. And they peak at almost a different week in September every year. So it really just depends how hot and dry the summer is. But if you get lucky enough for your wedding to be timed just right with some really awesome weather. Fall is superb.

Foggy Fall Colorado Wedding


Winter Time

Snowy Winter Breckenridge Wedding Venues

A snowy wedding is totally and utterly magical. Breckenridge gets an average of 350+ inches of snowfall in the winter annually. Thats a lottttt of snow!!! So it’s likely if you have a winter wedding, the lakes will be frozen over and there will be snow on the ground somewhere around that area.

While I am a huge fan of gorgeous snowy weddings. It is definitely something to remember that snow is Cold. Like REALLY cold. And while pretty, you do have to take precautions when adventuring around in the snow. More importantly, you have to watch the roads this time of year when driving from Denver to Breckenridge (or anywhere in summit). You need to wear proper clothing and footwear when outside in the snow for the wedding or your portraits and make sure to plan ahead for last minute weather changes. Back up plans are always a good idea in the winter time.

Nonetheless, a winter wedding or engagement session in Breck is nothing short of magical.

Snowy Breckenridge Proposal

Snowy Breckenridge Wedding or Engagement Session



Prep for All The Weather!

Raining on your Colorado Mountain Wedding

Piggy backing off of the last little section on when is best to have your wedding in Breckenridge (Which i hope you all figured out is literally anytime of the year). I just want to touch base on this a little more. Weather in Colorado is absolutely insane so when planning a wedding above 9,500k feet, you need to prepare yourself for the chances that weather will not be perfect and/or that it can change in a whim. I have literally seen the weather go from sunny, to hailing, to snowing, and back to Sunny in a matter of hours.  It’s just a Colorado thing. However, as long as you are prepared, you will be just fine.

Things to remember:
– Have a backup plan for inclement weather. Talk to you venue or your coordinator and make sure they have a plan.
– If you are elopement, and aren’t using a venue or planner come up with the plan before hand and ask your photographer for help or advice.
– Rain is NOT the end of the world. Rain on your wedding day is actually good luck. So just roll with it! 🙂
– No matter what time of year, keeping a light jacket (or even a heavier one) on hand is never a bad idea.
– For winter weddings invest in some crampons for your shoes if you go adventure and its icy. Can be a lifesaver so you don’t fall down in an outfit that cost you thousands.

Plan for Being at High Altitude

High Altitude Wedding

Aside from weather at high altitude being a little whacko sometimes… Altitude sickness is the real deal. And it SUCKS to be dealing with Altitude sickness on a normal day, much less at your Colorado mountain wedding. Or even as a guest at a wedding. So if you are traveling in for a destination wedding, make sure you and your guests drink tons of water in the days leading up to coming out here. You want to stay as hydrated as possible. Also, take it easy on the drinking when you’re above 9,000 feet. Not only does alcohol cause you to be more dehydrated, but it also effects your body differently and more intensely at high altitude.

Also, the altitude thing goes for dogs too. If you are not local to Colorado and live at sea level and plan to bring your dog to your wedding, make sure you give them time to acclimate too. They can absolutely get altitude sickness as well.

Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding High Altitude Friendly:
– Have small bottles of water out for guests during the ceremony to encourage hydration
– Make fun chapstick and lotion packs for your wedding party or guests. It is SO dry here in Colorado. Chapped and cracked lips and skin can happen.
– Consider a shuttle service for your guests. Since alcohol can hit harder at high altitudes. It’s nice for guests to not have to worry about driving back to their hotel or house after the wedding and having a few drinks.
– Have items like canned oxygen, blankets, or umbrellas readily available at your wedding venue for your guests when needed.
– If your Colorado mountain wedding is in the roughness of the outdoors… It could be nice to make sure and put on the invite or save the date for guests to wear more versatile footwear and less of the 4 inch stilettos.

Perfect Your Wedding Photography Timeline

Mountain Breckenridge Wedding Venue

This is HUGE you guys. The wedding photo timeline is a very important part to any mountain wedding. So you want to make sure your wedding photographer is familiar with the light when shooting in the mountains, and has your back when helping you plan for your mountain portraits. If you are wanting to go to a location that is a drives time away from your venue, you will want to plan accordingly. So chat with your planner and your photographer and make sure you can plan for that.

The light will always dip a little earlier than actual “sunset time” so you will want to keep that in mind when planning your Colorado Mountain Wedding ceremony and portrait time. Your photographer will be the best resource to help you make sure your wedding day is planned perfectly to get the best photos throughout the day.

Speaking of Timelines… I have a post about Getting the Most Out of The Time With Your Wedding Photographer. If you are planning a wedding you should absolutely check it Out!



One of the best things about planning a wedding at a Breckenridge Wedding Venue is the fact that it can be SUCH a fun vacation for all of your guests.

There is just so much to do in Breckenridge and the surrounding areas. Here is an epic list of things to do over the course of your wedding weekend that can be fun for both the wedding party and your guests:

  • You can go hike some of Colorado’s best hikes with your closest friends and family while they are in town. All trails is a great app for those looking for hiking trails. If you want an extra hard challenge opt for one of Colorado’s 13ers or 14ers. Learn more about those HERE
  • You can rent a boat on lake Dillon and have a pre or post wedding celebration with the closest of your friends!
  • Go fly fishing or do a guided fly fishing trip
  • Take a drive about 45 min out towards Leadville and plan a day to zipline down a mountain with Top of the Rockies Zip Line 
  • Ride the Gondola up to some of the Resort Restaurants
  • In the winter, make sure to plan for some ski or snowboard days
  • Hop over to Copper mountain or Frisco Adventure park in the winter for some really fun tubbing adventures
  • Go on a fun bike brewery tour with your besties.
  • For all you 420 friendly couples, check out some of our dispensaries.
  • During the summer, plan a day to go white water rafting with your wedding party
  • Go Stand up paddle-boarding at Maggie Pond
  • Take a swing at Breckenridge’s 27-hole golf course.
  • Plan a pre wedding spa day with your wedding party.

The Possibilities are truly endless when it comes to planning one epic Breckenridge wedding weekend! 



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