Estes Park Wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Megan and Tyler

Della Terra Wedding in Estes Park

Estes Park Weddings at Della Terra are some of my favorite mountain weddings here in Colorado. The property is gorgeous, the staff who work there are exceptional, and the location is close to Denver. You can see Della Terra mentioned at the top of my list on my blog post featuring my Favorite Colorado Wedding Venues. For good reasoning too, its just an incredible place to get married.

Megan and Tyler’s wedding day was absolutely stunning. I was second shooting for this wedding along side fellow photographer and good friend, Alyssa Carpenter. When we first arrived it looked like it could storm and we were a little worried. But it’s just kind of been the norm this summer. Somehow though, the clouds missed us even though they seemed like they were moving in from all different directions. We never even had a drop of rain and even got some gorgeous sunlight peek through too.

For those of you thinking of having your Estes Park Wedding at Della Terra, you should know something… This venue has you covered with weather! The have hundreds of clear umbrellas that they keep on hand in case they’re needed. It is SO nice that you do not have to worry about bringing your own. Also something cool is the amount of wild animals that come roaming around during the wedding. I have seen deer, turkeys, big horn sheep, and even known a few other photogs who have seen moose around while at their weddings. Its pretty incredible

An Outdoor Mountain Reception

One thing I must say is that I love when couples at this venue host their reception outside. The patio area has so much space, there are gorgeous lights on the side deck, and the views are perfect. It makes for such a romantic area to do your first dance as well as party the night away with all of your guests. A perfect spot for an epic party. What is even better, is they allow you to stay pretty late into the night. Della Terra is not a venue that will cut you off from your party at 9pm. Seriously y’all, this location is *chefs kiss*. If you are looking to hire a wedding photographer for your Estes Park Wedding at Della Terra please reach out to me! I would love to capture your day.

Take a look at just how gorgeous this day was…

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