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First things first.. Ima tell you that I freekin love my job and that curating your love story is kind of my jam. Because well, that’s very true. But you already know that! Because you’ve made it this far on my page and hopefully by now you can feel just how whole heartedly I love capturing that epic romance you and your partner shares. It just lights that fire in my soul ..ya know? 

So like, can you please be the next awesome couple who gets my soul all lit up?! I want to meet you! I want to learn everything about y’all and who you are as a couple! For real for real. But… I also really want you to get to know me too a bit. 


So just who am I? I’m Cara. I think that documenting life as its lived is the best way to live it. I love to go on new adventures. I love to travel. A few of my favorite spots are New York City because it’s chaotic and perfect in its own way, Lake Tahoe because its pure bliss on that lake, and the Pacific Northwest because you cannot live without beauty like that in your life. I am a big foodie. I moved up to Colorado from Texas and the food here just does not compare to the south.   .. I love dogs more than I love humans… mmm well ok I really love the humans in my life BUT dogs make life a thousand times better.  I also love a good love story. Seriously I am the biggest sucker for all things romantic. I mighttt blame that Serendipity movie from like 20 years ago. Who knows… All that matters is in the end I ended up here doing what I am doing. And I am loving every minute of it. 

 Nostalgia.. That is what really drew me into wanting to be a photographer. That feeling you get when looking at old photographs. So with each love story I come across as a wedding photographer, my goal is to create that sense of nostalgia for that couple. To bring them back to that moment. To make them smile and feel all the feels.

So who am I on a wedding day? I am your wedding day bestie with a camera.
I will bring the calm to the chaos. While I strive to capture some the most epic photos of the two of you, I strive even harder to make your wedding day that much more memorable from the time you hire me until your photos are delivered. Bring on the wedding day hustle! I am 100% here for it and 100% here for the two of you!


A Little About Me...

What I Believe...

Love is meant to be celebrated. Hands Down. It doesn’t matter your age, your gender identity, your sexual orientation or your ethnicity or race. Every single couple getting married deserves the most epic wedding day experience. I am so humbled to have a career where I can celebrate all the love, all the diversity, and share it with the world the way it should be shared. 

I believe that capturing any wedding or elopement is so much more than just showing up and documenting your day. It’s what comes before that, and what comes after that. The details and planning that I love helping my couples with. I want to give every couple an amazing experience from start to finish. No matter how big or small of a wedding you are planning.

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I'm Your Photographer If...
You are a total down to earth type of couple. You aren't worried about the little things. About getting mud on your shoes or dirtying up your dress. & when the weather acts up on your wedding day, you'll choose to dance in the rain!
I'm Your Photographer If...
You love a good adventure. Hiking is kind of your thing. & Sitting around the campfire with a tumbler full of wine is the perfect way to end the day.
I'm Your Photographer If...
You're ok throwing out the shot lists and just fully trusting me to just do my thing. Don't stress, I got you!

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Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know me a little, I would love to get to know you! Reach out to me by clicking the ‘Let’s Chat’ button below.