All The Good Stuff You Need To Know



$ 4800
  • Eight Hours of Coverage
  • Online Gallery with Digital Download
  • Two Photographers
  • Engagement Session OR 1 Extra Hour of Coverage
  • Custom Wedding Timeline & Print Release


$ 3600
  • Five Hours of Coverage
  • Online Gallery with Digital Download
  • One Photographer
  • Engagement Session OR 1 Extra Hour of Coverage
  • Custom Wedding Timeline & Print Release
  • Ideal For Intimate Weddings & Elopements


$ 6200
  • Ten Total Hours of Coverage
  • Hours can be split over two consecutive days
  • One Photographer
  • Online Gallery with Digital Download
  • Custom Wedding Timeline & Print Release
  • Travel Waived For All US Locations & Some Foreign Destinations


$ 1600
  • Ideal for under 20 people
  • Includes up to 2 Hours
  • $700.00 per additional hour
  • One Photographer
  • BOOKING DAYS IN ADVANCED: Any date booked farther than 6 Months out from wedding date requires a minimum of 4 hours to reserve. Weekend bookings (FRIDAY/SAT/SUN) may not be booked farther than 3 months out.

A La Carte

Travel Surcharges

Portrait Sessions

**All Local Couples and Portrait Sessions Include Locations up to 30 Miles From Denver.**
**Mountain Sessions Include locations up to 100 Miles from Denver.**

**Local Portrait Session pricing of $600.00 includes the following types of sessions:
–  Immediate Family Sessions
–  Single Person Portrait Sessions
– Parent and Me Sessions
– Maternity Sessions
(Please note, these sessions have limited availability)

**Please Inquire for Specific Travel/Adventure/Hiking Session Pricing**
**Please Inquire for Extended Family or Multi/Combined Family Session Pricing and availability**

Preferred Vendors

All the the good stuff
you need to know


As soon as you can! Most of my couples book me anywhere from 8-12 months out for weddings, less time for elopements. For Engagements, I only book weekend dates out up to 1 month in advanced (FRIDAY , SAT, or SUN). And weekday sessions I am pretty flexible with.

YES! I absolutely love traveling. Travel is not included in my local collection prices, and will vary depending where your wedding takes place. Contact me directly for more info! I can send you the exact travel fees, or let you know if there are no travel fees for your location.

I absolutely love getting to know those who reach out. I do this either through a phone call or a zoom meeting. While I would love to be able to meet everyone who inquires with a face-to-face meet, I try and keep that open time reserved for clients who have booked me, as I definitely set up meetings with current couples to go over wedding day plans, timeline, ideas, and just hang out, get drinks or coffee, and really get to know each other.

Me not having been to your venue is definitely not something you have to worry about. As a wedding photographer constantly shooting in new locations, that is nothing new for me. If I haven’t been to your wedding venue, I always arrive early on the day of the wedding to look around and get familiar with the location. To scope out all the best spots for portraits. If time allows in the weeks before your wedding, and the venue is local to the Denver area, I always try and stop by.

Heck yes you can! When you Inquire I can send these over to you so you can see exactly how I document a wedding day from start to finish.

To be completely transparent, photoshopping the heck out of your images is not what I do. I like to keep it true to its form as it was on the day of. I don’t change the way you look, I don’t edit out (or edit in) any particular people to or from photos. The only editing I do is minor color correction, straightening, putting my personal presets on for my moody yet authentic style of editing, and changing select images to black and white. If there are some major changes you want done to your images, that can absolutely be outsourced for a separate editing fee.

I can typically turn around a wedding in less than 6 weeks. But 8 weeks is my max. You will receive all of your images in an online gallery, where you will get a code to download all the high res images. You will also get a print release to go make prints,  canvas’s, or whatever else you’d like, as that is not something I provide.  However, I can recommend some great labs to get those made!

I give you all the best images from your day. I don’t leave out any moments! The only ones that wont be delivered are duplicates where I might have hit my shutter more than once, where people are blinking, sneezing, not looking at the camera when they should have been, any unflattering angles, etc. Typically I deliver around 50-75 images per hour that I am there. But really, it depends on the wedding as each wedding is different. For Portrait sessions you usually get back around 50 images, give or take.

Totally! I have two cameras, multiple lenses, I even have two memory card slots in each camera so I can automatically back up your amazing wedding photos as I shoot. (Plus i require any of my second shooters to also have two memory card slots). Once I get home, I upload your images, and copy them onto 4 different harddrives for safe keeping.

All of my seconds are absolutely amazing. I work with a small group of great photographers and we all hire each other as we all own our own companies. They have just as much experience as I do, and shoot in the same style with the same equipment as me. Or equipment that is equivalent to mine.  None of the photographers who work with me are still learning or trying to gain experience or a portfolio. I don’t believe that your wedding day is a teaching moment. I do not officially book your second until about 8 weeks out or so, but no matter who it is, they will do a killer job!