Ok friends.. This right here is the epitome of a DIY wedding.  Joann and Michael had a vision and they made it happen.  A kick ass couple, a beautiful cabin in Broken Bow, OK, and a ton of amazing people to help put this day together and boy did it turn out beautiful. There is something about getting married with your closest friends and family in the middle of the woods that is epically romantic.

We all arrived out to this cabin the night before the wedding. Drank some awesome red wine and all worked together to get this killer wedding all set up. While at the cabin a pretty adorable cat kept coming to hang out with us. Were not too sure who he belonged to, but we all wanted to take him home with us. I am not even kidding, the theft threats for this cat were unreal. But who can blame us?! He was the cutest furry addition to this wedding.

The next day came quick and every moment of it was amazing. For months since I booked their wedding I was so excited to capture their day. I just knew that every bit of it would be freeking perfect. And I knew this even though I had never even met Michael or Joann. How might I have known this you ask? So this how it went down…. Joann is besties with one of my friends, Katie. Katie is just an all around kick ass human being. Like in all aspects that a human can be cool.. she fits the bill. So it was just known that any best friend of hers would be just as cool. She reached out to me to see if I was interested in shooting this awesome cabin wedding when they started to plan the wedding and it was a no brainer. It had to happen. And I am so glad it did.

Lets talk about this wedding for a second. They rented this gorgeous cabin in Broken Bow and had a beautiful ceremony officiated by Michael’s dad outside in the woods surrounded with family and friends. C’mon. It doesn’t get much better than that. After the ceremony we spent some time taking some portraits of just the two of them. I have to say they are just the most adorable of couples. The connection they have is one of those connections that everyone hopes to have someday in their life. Totally fun and romantic all at the same time. Oh and we even got some pretty cute photos with the cat… It was a must. The food was all home made including the cake by Micheal’s mom and family. They MADE IT ALL. You guys… It was like restaurant status straight from their kitchen. It was some damn good Mexican food, y’all. Michael and Joann ended the night with a romantic dance under string lights and a sparkler exit. Simply Perfection. Just take a look at this magical day…

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  1. IN LOVE WITH THE FLOWERS! For reals. And the mis matching bridal party, the super fun bride and groom photos. And the forest ceremony. This wedding is unreal and you did an amazing job for them!

  2. What a gorgeous setting! You did such a beautiful job documenting their special day. I love them all. Congratulations Joann and Michael! I love the cat 🙂

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