Want to see a wedding filled with adorable farm animals, a kick ass airstream, a ring bearer pup complete with his own boutonnière, and a completely and utterly in love couple? Well then you have come to the right place! Ciara and Ray’s wedding was so perfect, from the weather to the venue to the dress she wore. Every detail was beautiful. I loved capturing every minute of this wedding.
The day started with some absolutely killer images of Ciara and her bridesmaids and ‘bridesman’ getting ready in the airstream. Seriously, a vintage airstream at a wedding venue?! #winning! It made for the perfect setting for their prep photos. We then got to explore the Farmette, take photos as we went, and documented every moment possible. Barry, their dog, was their ring bearer and even had his own bowtie and boutonniere! So so cute. Ray and Ciara’s first look was the sweetest. Their affection and love for each other was the most beautiful. We got to play with the Alpacas and the Hens while shooting portraits and I think that might have been the highlight of my day. I am such a sucker for weddings with animals its not even funny. Talk about magic. This day was full of it.

Venue: The Lyons Farmette
Florals: Living Arts
Cake: Romana Cake House
Caterer: Zolo Grill
Coordinator: Tracey Eaton
Rentals: Harvest Tables
DJ: Elite DJ
Papers: Ciara (The Bride)

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  1. I hope you got a bite of that cake it looks delicious! And when the puppy gave he from a kiss on the nose I’m all awwwwwww.

  2. What a beautiful day! I love the lifestyle and contrast approach. I would have love to see this wedding. Chickens, sheep, everything, oh my! What a joy.

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