Talk about an epic engagement session, where do I even begin?  Ashleigh and Marsalis flew out here from Chicago to visit their two friends Brigette and Rita (You may remember them from their amazing Mercury Cafe wedding I had the pleasure of shooting last year), and decided to try and meet up and do their engagement session while out here in Colorado. They will be doing a destination wedding in Austin, TX next year and I am SO stoked to be shooting their big day. We all know how much I love Austin. But when they told me that they were coming out here also and wanted to do some amazing mountain session for their engagements I was beyond excited.

We had been talking for a few weeks about where to do their session, and with the way the weather looked a few days ago, afternoon storms seemed to be in the mix. So we decided going somewhere at sunrise would be the best option so we could avoid the afternoon rains. When i first introduced the idea, I either thought they would be really excited, or they would think I was batshit crazy. You see, the location we decided on was about a 2 hour drive away, and a good 30 minute hike up to the lake. So in order to make it there by sunrise we needed to leave no later than 3:30 in the morning. Ashleigh responded to the email saying they were down for the challenge, and that she never dreamed they would get to take engagement photos in Colorado and was so excited about it now she’d probably be willing to drag Marsalis through 3 feet of mud at 5am if it meant she’d have some badass photos. It seriously made my day.

We arrived just as the alpenglow was beginning to form on the peak. It was absolutely stunning. By the time we started shooting it had turned into this amazing golden glow on the mountain. It made for the perfect backdrop and start to our session. And let me tell you, these two are a serious power couple. I loved watching them interact together today and just feed off of each others love for one another. It was so beautiful. Every second of this morning was perfect. Totally and utterly worth waking up at 2:00AM to make it happen.

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