Maxwell Falls Hike in Evergreen Colorado

Hiking to maxwell falls in evergreen colorado

Hiking in Colorado

The greatest thing about living in this beautiful state is the access to all the amazing hiking trails. I have been looking for good hiking trail near Denver where I could take couples on for sessions in the future. With all of the spare time not shooting work currently, it is giving me so many opportunities to get outside and location scout. This time of year is so hit or miss too, but we have been blessed with gorgeous weather in the foothills recently. So these 60 degree hikes have been beyond amazing. Everything is starting to get more green and is so beautiful and peaceful. I decided to do the Maxwell falls hike up in Evergreen, Colorado.

Maxwell Falls in Evergreen, Colorado

Maxwell Falls hiking trail is located in Evergreen and is roughly a 4.5 mile loop trail. You gain a little less than 900 feet in elevation. You have two trailhead options for this trail. While the lower trailhead of Maxwell Falls trail starts at about 7700 feet elevation, the upper trailhead sits at almost 8500. We started from the lower trailhead and made our way up to the falls. The trail then follows up around almost above the falls and gives some really beautiful viewpoints up there. This would be a beautiful location to bring a couple for an engagement session. It is a very forested trail which made it super pleasant on such a sunny day. It is also dog friendly which is a huge plus!

If you want to read more on Maxwell falls, I suggest checking it out on the All Trails App Here!

A Hiking Mini Couples Session

While hiking the Maxwell Falls trail, there were so many cute dogs. I kept passing one couple in particular and they had a puppy with them that was just adorable. We eventually ran into them for like the 4th time throughout the hike and so I decided to introduce myself. I asked if I could take a few photos of them with their pup. Not being able to really book sessions recently has me itching to take cute photos of adorable couples and their doggos! They were so kind and let me snap a few sweet captures. I think thats also the best thing about Colorado. So many friendly people. I have made countless friends out on trails.
You can go check out their cute 10 minute photo session here! 

Hiking Tradition

So we have kind of made it a thing after hiking now to go get ice cream after. Being in Evergreen, you can take Bear Creek Lane all the way back into Morrison. Morrison has THE BEST ice cream at Ozzis Ice Cream Shop. I so wish he had a website because I would absolutely link it up in here. However if you every find yourself in Morrison, Colorado. I suggest going to grab an Ice Cream Cone from Ozzi!
Ozzi’s is located at 101 Bear Creek Ln, Morrison, CO 80465.


Lower Maxwell Falls Trailhead in Evergreen Colorado

Sitting on a log on the Maxwell Falls Hike

Hiking the Maxwell Falls Hike
Up on a rock while hiking looking off into the woods
Wooded hiking trail in evergreen colorado

Giant rock on the maxwell falls hike in evergreen colorado
View below of trees and river on a hike in evergreen
Hiking with an Osprey backpack in evergreen colorado

creek in evergreen
Hiking trail sign on maxwell falls hike

Gorgeous views above maxwell falls in evergreen
wooded hiking trail in evergreen colorado
Beautiful light in the trees in evergreen
Two lonely aspen trees on hiking trail
Happy hiking in evergreen colorado
Close up of hiker on hiking trail with backwards hat and sunglasses on shirt
Sunny Hikes in Colorado
Colorado wildflower on trail
Gorgeous tall trees on hike
Buccees sticker on hiking trailhead

pond at the end of maxwell falls hike
Heading back to Morrison Colorado
Heading back to Morrison Colorado
Heading back to Morrison Colorado
Horses on the side of the road in Evergreen Colorado
Biker Girl eating Ice Cream Outside of Ozzis in Morrison Colorado
Beautiful archetecture in Morrison Colorado
Ozzis Ice Cream in Morrison
Eating Ozzis Icecream in Morrison

9 Responses

  1. This is so great! And with everything going on, you’re so right, it’s a great time to scout and enjoy the outdoors. Also, cute dogs and an ice cream finish?? Winning!

  2. Definitely chuckled at the “It’s less crowded at the mall” sticker because it can be very true! Looks like a beautiful hike and can’t beat finishing with ice cream!

  3. Maxwell Falls is such a gorgeous Colorado hike! I love all of the boulders they are gorgeous. If I was in the area I would go all the time!

  4. It’s not a loop. It’s an in and out hike. You are going to pass every single person that’s on the trail. Way too crowded, and people don’t know how to pick up after themselves. And don’t even get me started on how selfishly and unsafely people park in the roadways. The roadway is a very busy mountain road and people need to treat it as such. The locals have had about enough of this amazing hike ????

    1. Hi Dawn!
      Thanks for chiming in! It can be super crowded on any trail in Colorado. During a portrait session on a trail, we always pass people. It’s just a part of doing hiking sessions and there is nothing wrong with that if the client is ok with it! Locations like Evergreen, Morrison, Boulder, Golden, they are just those locations where you have to be willing to deal with crowds most days and particularly on weekends. We got lucky and it wasn’t busy at all on the day we went. And yes, people parking in the roadways can be such a pain. And its notoriously like that everywhere that brings a crowd in Colorado. It is one of the reasons on most of my portrait sessions I suggest Sunrise to simply avoid the crazy overcrowdedness. And in my 7 years of shooting in this state on just about every popular trail in the foothills I am legally permitted to shoot on, that’s always the best option. I am so sorry you have had such bad experiences here at this trail.

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