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Introducing Sabia with The Painted Primrose in Longmont, Colorado.

The Painted Primrose

Ladies and Gents… If you are looking for a great Colorado florist, you can basically stop searching… Sabia with THE PAINTED PRIMROSE in Longmont, Colorado is one phenomenal florist. I have worked with her many times and I recommend her to every single one of my couples who are still in need of wedding florals.

Sabia with the Painted Primrose - Florist in Colorado

Meet Sabia

Sabia is the owner and lead florist for The Painted Primrose. I got to come hang with her at her shop in Longmont and chat with her a little about her business. She told me all about how she got started in the industry and all that she is passionate about!

C: Tell me a little about yourself! Where you’re from, what kind of things do you love to do and are you passionate about in your personal life?

S: Well, to start it off, my name is Sabia! I was born in Colorado, but grew up in California, and went to college in Montana. After school I moved down here to Denver. When I’m not working with my awesome couples and dreaming up fun floral designs, you can find me at the dog park with my two very spoiled dogs, reading, paddle boarding with girlfriends, or trying a new restaurant! I also love art and design and love going to art galleries or supporting local artists and designers.

The Painted Primrose in Colorado
C: What inspired you to become a florist? When did you start up the painted primrose?

S: I kind of fell into floristry by accident! When I moved down to Colorado I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use my degree in fine art. The Painted Primrose was started in 2001 by Sarah Cioni, and when I moved to Colorado the business was for sale. I bought it and haven’t looked back since!


The Painted Primrose in Colorado
The Painted Primrose in Colorado

C: What got you into weddings?

S: Sarah was already doing wedding flowers on the side, but mostly the Painted Primrose was a retail store that sold cute home decor items like soaps, pillows, candles, etc. I was REALLY bad at retail and didn’t enjoy it, but I loved working with couples and loved working with flowers! With in the first year of owning the Painted Primrose, I removed all of the retail aspects of the business to focus solely on wedding flowers.


Florists of Colorado

C: What areas of Colorado do you serve?

S: We service all of Colorado, but we mostly serve Boulder, Estes Park, Downtown Denver, and the other areas of the mountains!


Florists of Colorado
Florists of Colorado

C: How much should couples budget for wedding flowers?
S: The Painted Primrose has a $3,000 minimum order, but we have this handy budget calculator that can help couples come up with a preliminary budget based on what items they are wanting to have! 

C: How far in advanced should people book you?

S: It’s great to book a consultation with us some time during the winter! We’re busy delivering weddings in the summer and fall, so we have more consultation times available during the winter. A good rule of thumb is to come in about 6 months before the wedding, but for an especially busy wedding weekend like Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend, earlier is better! 

The Painted Primrose Floral Designs

You guys, I have worked with Sabia many times and she is always such a joy to work with!
Here are just a few of the amazing arrangements she has created for different weddings of mine below.

Bright Colored Summer Wedding Bouquet at Golden Colorado Elopement
Wedding Flowers at Golden Colorado Elopement
Wedding Greenery at Golden Colorado Elopement
Beautiful Summer Wedding Florals in Estes Park Wedding in Colorado
Beautiful Summer Wedding Florals in Estes Park Wedding in Colorado

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