Denver Wedding Photographer | 2018 Year In Review

What a year 2018 has been! So many things accomplished. So many amazing couples and awesome people worked with. So many miles hiked and places explored. This was definitely a year to remember for this Denver Wedding Photographer.  I am so excited to set some resolutions for this coming year. What are some things that YOU want to accomplish in 2019?! Leave me some comments with your new years resolutions… Can’t wait to hear your plans!

As for my year, one thing I am extremely proud of are the changes I made for the better. I worked my butt off and lost 22 pounds since January. While I still have more to go, I am hoping to reach that goal before I travel to NYC come February. Maybe all the hiking I plan to do this month will help out.

I also got to travel to some beautiful places with some of my favorite people. Some of the places I explored as a Denver Wedding Photographer this year include New Orleans, Fayetteville, Austin, Las Vegas, Dallas & so many new places in Colorado. I would love to make my travel list for 2019 triple this size! Is there anywhere you are planning to go to this coming year?!

This year was nothing but amazing with the greatest clients!

Lastly, being a Denver wedding photographer means I get to work with some of the greatest people and photograph some seriously amazing clients. It is because of them that I do what I do, and love doing it. Throughout this post there will be some random snapshots that I took during my adventures from this year. And of course, all of the awesome photos from this years amazing weddings and sessions. So with that said, check out just how awesome my year was…


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  1. I love it!!! So cool to see your year in photos. I love the Maroon Bells alpenglow (then again, I’m obsessed with morning pink mountains) and you even got to the Ice Castles this year! So cool. Cheers, lady – to an amazing 2018 and to a 2019 filled with as much awesomeness <3

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