Dallas Texas Engagement Session | Carly + Blair

Rooftop bars, cute popsicle shops, and a killer apartment to finish off the session at?! Yah this session is a total winner.  This Dallas Texas engagement session on lower greenville stole my heart. Carly and Blair literally make my day. I don’t know if a couple can be any more perfect for each other. Carly and I go way back. Like going over to each others houses after elementary school in the 2nd grade back. It was so fun to reconnect with her and get to know Blair while doing their session and I am so stinking excited to shoot their wedding this coming September.

That Urban Vibe

We wanted to go somewhere for their session with an urban vibe. Lower Greenville in Dallas was the perfect spot for this Dallas Engagement Session. The weather was iffy. So we got an airbnb rented JUST in case it was a downpour. Luckily, the one day it didn’t rain much was the day of their session. The cloud coverage made for the perfect light and we captured some absolutely amazing moments both indoors and out.

We started our adventure on the roof of HG Supply Co. If you haven’t gone to check that bar out, you should. Its pretty phenomenal. It also gives you the best view of downtown Dallas in the distance. We then headed down Lower Greenville stopping at random little spots for photos. I think my favorite stop was Steel City Pops. The best popsicles everrrrr! AND they even have it once you finish your pop, save your stick, and you can come back and get a free pop the next time you come in. Seriously the greatest thing ever. Especially in Dallas where basically year round its so hot you feel like melting.

Once we were done shooting on the streets, we headed back to the airbnb to finish up the session. Since we had rented it, we thought it would be cute to end there with some in home captures. We were right! It made for some of the cutest photos and was totally worth taking the time to shoot there. We got back, poured us all some wine (Carly loves wine, as do I. So obviously I had to bring a few bottles) and we had the best time hanging out and finishing up their session.

You guys… I just cant say enough how much I love this session.

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