YOU GUYS! This session was absolutely magical. And not just because we ended it at the Seven Magic Mountains, though that was pretty rad in itself. This by far is one of my favorite sessions to date. I guess I should start from the beginning on this one and explain just how we ended up in a Dry lake bed outside of Las Vegas, Nevada shooting this amazing couple…

Every year there is the WPPI wedding photography held in Vegas. Being my first time to attend, I wanted to set up a session while out there and invite a friend or two to shoot along with me. We thought that adventuring out to a dry lakebed would be pretty cool. So we set our plans to go out to the Jean dry lakebed on Sunday while we were in town and capture some killer photos. We just needed a couple to shoot. Jordan and Josiah were introduced to me by a fellow photographer out of Dallas. I am so beyond happy that I had the pleasure of meeting them. They are one amazing and inspiring couple and It just so happened that their anniversary fell a few days after this session. Talk about perfect timing.

Now, when I say this couple is cool… that’s literally an understatement. Jordan is an absolute doll and when we first touched based about this session she was beyond excited. Sending me emails filled with style and outfit ideas which was SO great! And let me tell you… these two nailed it with their outfits! Jordan should really be a stylist or something. It was just that good.

When we arrived in Las Vegas, we made plans to go grab drinks before the session to connect a bit. They took us to the Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Lounge which was such an amazing gem of a spot. If you’re ever in Vegas I highly suggest checking that place out! We hung out there for a bit, ate some delicious food, & chatted about their wedding day. [Which come to find out they got married in the DFW area on the same day I was traveling up from Austin to Dallas for my best friends wedding. We just laughed at how Ironic it was that it snowed like crazy that day. Which like never happens in Dallas that time of year]. When we left the bar, we stopped by the liquor store to get a bottle of champagne to pop at the end of our session. (Because you cant go to the vegas desert without a bottle champagne right?!) Then we headed to the lakebed. Thats when the magic happened…

The dry air, the dust kicking up in the wind [and from all the dirt bikes riding around us while shooting], and the light… seriously the prettiest light is out there in the middle of the Nevada desert. It made for some awesome portraits. The connection that Jordan and Josiah have is so genuine and it totally showed while we were shooting. Right before we ended the session and the sun fell behind the mountains we booked it from Jean Dry Lakebed  over to seven magic mountains just a few minutes down the road so we could catch the last glimpse of light over there. We explored what is one of the coolest and most random art installations I have ever seen, and then popped that bottle of champagne to end the night right there in the middle of the field… And thats how you do Vegas folks!

Jean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionJean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionJean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionJean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionJean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionJean Dry Lakebed Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement SessionSeven Magic Mountains Engagement Session

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  1. This session has magic light! Every frame tells a story and I love it. My favorite have to be the set with the painted rocks. So much gorgeous!!!

  2. This is a stunning anniversary session— I did one this past weekend and they are quickly becoming my favorite. There is something really different about them compared to engagement sessions and it is so fun to get to capture the energy of both! I obviously adore those colors you captured, but those black and whites are so dramatic and timeless. Lovely work as always!

  3. Most incredible Engagement session ever! They just dont have landscapes here like they do in Las Vegas… Id be shooting everyday if they did, this is stunning!

  4. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than a photo session with a really cool couple, and a bottle (or two!) of champagne. The Vas Vegas dessert is a blank canvas for some really unique shots. I think my favorites are those of them laying in the sand. I bet they’re going to have a really hard time picking just a few to frame! x

  5. These are incredible! I absolutely LOVE her outfit, and that dark lipstick is killer. Gorgeous shots that I am sure they love so much!

  6. Love these!! Nevada is sooo pretty a little off the strip, and you captured it beautifully!! The champagne pics are too cute 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you took advantage of that dessert sunset and light! And what a fun couple to work with. Love that they brought the bubbly with them!

  8. These look amazing! The light is perfect and I love how the ones with the colorful rocks turned out. Such a fun afternoon 🙂

  9. Those colorful stacked rocks are so neat! I love this Las Vegas anniversary session – and she totally does look like Anna Kendrick from the side haha!

  10. This session is seriously stunning, and that light!!! Nevada is one of my favourite places- I wish I lived closer. Amazing session – love all of it!

  11. Oh my goodness I love this Las Vegas anniversary session! They look killer and you did an amazing job! So good that you were able to find a couple to photograph and I’m sure they are stoked with their photos!

  12. What a fabulous anniversary session! You can definitely feel the magic between these two and that light! GAH! Such a beautiful location. I’ve been to Las Vegas but never heard of the Jean Dry Lake. I’ll definitely have to check it out!

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