This is magic my friends. Ice Castles with dreamy ice archways and tunnels and beautiful light and a gorgeous couple to photograph in them… absolute magic. I kind of felt like I was stepping foot into the Chronicles of Narnia…

If you haven’t already been to the Dillon, CO Ice Castles, GO! Its a must see while they’re up. I accompanied Kelly with Kelly Erin Photography to produce this beautiful shoot. We arrived in Dillon super early, so we stopped by their local grocery store, picked up some flowers and ribbon and created a bouquet to go along with our session. And let me tell you.. Autumn and Brian kicked modeling ass today. It’s always fun to have a few of your friends come out to model for you.


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  1. Well if this isn’t magical I don’t know what is! I live in Denver and the ice castles aren’t far from me, I’d love to go check it out!

  2. You captured this couple in The Colorado Ice Castles beautifully! I especially like the darker outfits on your couple because I’ve seen this done a thousand times in white. Great job!!!

  3. Uhhhh these are PERFECT. This is definitely like a dream session. I need to go to the Colorado Ice Castles like RIGHT now..NOW haha

  4. Oh my gosh, these are some of my favorite ice castle images ever. So lovely! I am a huge fan of your work and your tones. Just beautiful.

  5. Can we just talk about her dress for a second! WOWZERS! I never knew that colorado had it’s own Ice castles! What a beautiful place for an elopement or engagement session. Love your photography too! Keep rocking it.

  6. Goodness…. the Ice!!! Could it be anymore amazing!!! You are such a talente Colorado wedding and portrait photographer!

  7. The scenery of the Colorado Ice castles are stunning. Holy crap, these images are flawless. What an amazing day. Number one Breckenridge wedding photographer right here folks.

  8. Who knew Colorado had Ice Castles! What a gorgeous location for an engagement session. You are a very talented Colorado wedding photographer. This couple was lucky to have chosen you.

  9. Wow! What beautiful images! I’ve been dying to shoot more in Colorado- you Colorado wedding photographers have such beautiful landscapes to adventure in!

  10. colorado is so cool and so full of neat spots! what a special set of engagement pics. i’m sure their wedding will be incredible, too!

  11. Wow these are unreal! there’s an ice castle near me too, and these are confirmation that I need to get there haha.

  12. Each shot is exquisite! I cannot say which is my fave. Incredible location, so natural, without adding anything to the gorgeous couple & their poses.

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