Man oh man aren’t these two just PERFECT for each other. Eva is a dear friend of mine, and when she told me that her and her husband Michael were coming to Colorado for vacation I could not wait to take them to Rocky Mountain National Park and take some fun photos of them. They traveled all the way out here from New York to spend the week in the mountains.

These two are just like two peas in a pod. They are totally and utterly meant for each other in every way possible. I have spent quite a bit of time with them over the past few days and seeing them together has truly been such a sweet thing to witness. The love they share is extremely inspiring. I mean, you can literally feel the emotion radiate from these two when they are together. It is pretty awesome.

Being in one of the most beautiful states ever, I wanted them to be able to see Colorado to the best that they could, and I feel like on this day we got such a dose of Colorado due to its crazy spring weather. It went from sunny, to rainy, to snowy and a whiteout storm, anddd then back to sunny… Typical spring time in Colorado! Any day in which you can get a whole bunch of different seasonal weather in a 24 hour period, i would say is a good one.  On the day of their session we explored different areas of the park and got some great captures. These two adventurous souls really do belong in a place like Colorado, and I cannot wait for them to come back for their next Colorado visit.



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  1. What a gorgeous couple’s session! I love Rocky Mountain National Park and you really nailed the beauty of the area.

  2. Wow that lighting is absolutely perfect! The colors and tones just fits these two so well! They’re so hip and cool and you can feel their love coming through the photos!

  3. What a beautiful couple portrait session. They are so gorgeous together in this rocky mountain setting. I love portraits that remind us where we were and what we loved at the time they were taken.

  4. They just look like super fun people! Love that you had all 4 seasons in one session. Well done, girl!

  5. Wow! This state is so breathtaking and you did such an amazing job caputring it and this fun couple!

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