Oh how I have been waiting for months for yesterday to happen. Since December, I have been planning my workshop and anxiously waiting for this day. And it was absolutely amazing.

I’m not going to lie, there were some brief moments of panic over the past few weeks when keeping up with the weather. This time of year you just really never know what you’re going to get. Two weeks ago the weather stated that the 24th of May would be filled with thunderstorms. But as it neared, the predictions changed to a day full of sunshine and barely any cloud coverage. Seeing as today, and the rest of this weekend, it will be raining… I would say we got pretty lucky.

Now, let me introduce you to Sarah Evans. She is an AMAZING wedding planner who is based here in Colorado.  She came to speak at my workshop that I put on yesterday. Let me tell you… she is a wizard when it comes to gaining leads through social media, so I was beyond happy she could come tell everyone the ins and outs of utilizing social media to gain more clients. If you are a self employed creative wedding professional, I highly recommend purchasing her video course, Social Leads. It is worth every penny.

Ok, so aside from being a killer wedding planner, Sarah is also a pretty damn good model. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to add another couple onto my models list. So when I reached out to Sarah about talking to my attendees I asked if she and her husband would be interested in modeling for us. She informed me that her man was not available but she was and that she would be more than happy to model as a bride for the group. I have to say, this couldn’t have been a better Idea. It would give the attendees an opportunity to not only pose couples but also brides. Which is just as important on a wedding day. Not only that but c’mon… this girl is gorgeous!!! And a total natural when it comes to being in front of the camera. I think these photos speak for themselves. Take a look at just how amazing this session was…

Session Location: Marys Lake, Estes Park, CO
Dress: Free People
Florals: Sabia with The Painted Primrose
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Favatella-Hendrickson
Model: Sarah Evans with Sarah Evans Weddings

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  1. Cara these are breathtaking! I love the way you used the harsh light. You my darling are the real deal.

    1. Thanks love!! We started shooting at around 6 PM! So the light was a bit softer than mid day 🙂

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