“OHHHHMYYYGAHHHHHH, You’re a wizard I swear”, were the exact words that came out of Katie’s mouth when she first looked at some of these images.

I must say that makes me feel pretty damn amazing!

But she is completely right. These photos are absolutely magical. Adventuring to a gorgeous park complete with waterfalls, caves, and castles?! Come on.. thats pretty amazing in itself. Turner Falls Park in Davis, OK made for the perfect location for our session.

We opted for a mid day session as there were some horrible storms heading our way and would be arriving right around sunset time. Being my last day in TX before flying back to Colorado, there were no second chances if we couldn’t make it happen. So, we pushed the session to earlier in the day and just missed the rain. Literally, I drove home as tornado warnings were surfacing all over the map. Let me tell you.. This session was completely and utterly worth getting up early for.

Check out just how perfectly magical this day was…

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  1. You’re a wizard, Cara (sorry.. HP reference haha)These are so beautiful!!! The movement in her dress, the colors, everything makes them all so magical. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  2. Holy cannoli! I LOVE this shoot! I just love when the wind meets her hair and dress and how perfectly you captured their connection. Beautiful job!

  3. You are a wizard! These are stunning!! And I wish I could shoot there every day, what an awesome location!

  4. Woah. I have so much I could say that I love about this session! The wind added so much to the life of the shoot, their outfits are so relaxed and perfect but GIRL you killed it! So much emotion and variety and perfect colors. And that location! Ok I’ll shut up but really…I’m in awe!

  5. CARA!!! These are freaking STUNNING!! The beautiful couple, this epic location and you just working your magic!! So goooood

  6. Wow, This place is totally magical! I love the realness of this session. They look so natural and relaxed in every photo.

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