Lorrrdddyyy was this one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. Not just because Andrea and Chris are two super great friends of mine, but it was seriously just killer. You go into sessions sometimes and everything just falls together perfectly. It was one of those days.

Oh and It was beyond beautiful outside. A wonderful 70 degree Texas February day. I totally miss Texas sometimes for this crazy warm weather it gets in the winter. Like.. can i just fill up my winter season with Texas shoots? Even their rainy muggy “cold” days are beautiful in the winter.

Now, enough about the weather… lets talk about the couple. Just look at them!! They’re so perfect for each other! I have to say that the love between these two is freeking magical. Like, head in the clouds magical. I have known Andrea for a little over 4 years and Chris for just under 3. I find it enlightening to photography my friends in love. Its a process that I have gotten to witness since they got together so capturing it through my camera is pretty awesome. I am SO beyond excited to shoot their wedding in November.

I look at the photos from this and cant stop thinking how much sessions like this very one make me all sorts of happy. Urban, full of color. They’re totally up my alley, and I rarely get to shoot like this back in Colorado so I have to make sure to rock it when I can. We also had a little bit of an advantage. The downtown McKinney Square is typically full with tons of people on beautiful weekend days, but I swear it being a few hours prior to the Super Bowl starting, there were barely any people out on the streets. It made for the perfect shooting day.

We walked around for maybe an hour and a half and just explored what McKinney had to offer. Its full of the coolest spots around. I swear I could spend all day shooting there. Bad ass alley ways to junked up abandoned buildings and fun little boutiques. We also found this kick ass store called The Groovy Coop… Full of fun t shirts, vinyls, random retro inspired get up, and they were nice enough to let us take a few photos inside… it was pretty phenomenal. And I am totally sad I don’t live nearby because I swear I would be there on a daily basis.

Okay here are the photos…
Just look at these & soak in all the awesomeness. Pure Happiness in a blog post.

<3 <3 <3

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  1. Oh wow! You found so many sweet little spots. And they look so Teresa together. Just super happy and comfy being in front of the lens. You did a great job getting a big variety and great moments Cara!

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