Backyard Wedding in Boulder, Colorado | St. Vrain Reception in Longmont, Colorado

Rainy weddings are kind of my favorite thing ever. This backyard boulder wedding started with just that, and ended at the St. Vrain in Longmont with an amazing party.

 I was second shooting for the Amazing Kim Mitiska and it happened to be one of those crazy rainy summer days. You know, the kind of rain that starts then stops then starts then stops again. Usually this isn’t a problem. And we actually went through with the ceremony with light rain to begin with. Then the downpour happened. And you know what? Sean and Caitlin didn’t even let it phase them. They eventually looked at all their guests and could tell that everyone was getting soaked even with umbrellas and quickly flip flopped the ceremony into the pool house and ended with a beautifully romantic indoor ceremony.

The reception was just as beautiful. Full of amazing decor in one of the best venues in town, the St. Vrain in Longmont. Such a great place for a wedding!

Rainy Boulder WeddingRainy Boulder WeddingRainy Boulder Wedding

St. Vrain WeddingSt. Vrain WeddingSt. Vrain Wedding

St. Vrain WeddingSt. Vrain Wedding

St. Vrain WeddingSt. Vrain WeddingSt. Vrain Wedding

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