Holy Smokes… Y’all… This is one beautiful wedding. I am pretty obsessed with every part of Lindsay and Johns wedding day. From the venue, to the beautiful outside reception dinner that the Red Rocks Ranch wedding planner Audri put together… It is perfection. (if you are a bride reading this, and considering Red Rocks Ranch in Westcliffe as your venue, I promise you Audri will not disappoint. She is a freeking magician and such a doll to work with) We had beautiful weather, and even though it was pretty hazy in front of the mountains thanks to all of the crazy wildfires across the west, it was so entirely magical. I actually think the haze made the mountains just slightly more romantic than usual. They read their vows a few hours before sunset in some of the prettiest light i’ve seen in a while. Just look at it…

Damn was this day beautiful.

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  1. I love how your detailing tells a story and sense of time. This is such a moving and beautiful wedding! Great work!

  2. Gorgeous captures! I LOVE how you captured so many different and varied images from the day. The bride is beautiful as is her dress. From the couple shots, to the details, you captured it all so beautifully.

  3. I LOVE all the little details you’ve captured–they tell such a beautiful story! From the dress in the tree to the two of them walking down the steps at their reception, this is gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations Lindsay and John on your wedding! What a gorgeous wedding and location. I adore the dramatic light in all of your images. LOVE!

  5. I love your photographic style! These are all so beautiful and the way that you capture even mundane details to make them part of the story in an artistic way is incredible.

  6. I love these deep, warm images. You’ve captured this wedding so well. Those first images of the dress in the tree are just stunning!

  7. I’m obsessed. Such a gorgeous wedding. I love how you captured the details of the venue not just the details from the wedding, though those were stunning as well.

  8. Umm…can we say DREAMY?! Gosh this is a beautiful wedding! It seriously just screams Colorado — just look at those views! I wish I got married in Colorado, you guys have the BEST venues. Lovely work!

  9. Oh my goodness, just love your style! Had no idea westcliffe colorado was so beautiful. perfect spot for a wedding.

  10. Wow! So much romance engulfed in this session. The couple, the wedding, the light!!!
    Love the pictures. Great job!

  11. What an incredible wedding day! That dress shot on the tree branch is so awesome. Love your work!

  12. Holy smokes you aren’t kidding – BEAUTIFUL! I love every single detail you’ve captured. Oh and wedding dresses aren’t always the most exciting picture but you nailed it with that one!

  13. Oh my goodness! I love these wedding photos! Her dress is so pretty and I love all the genuine laughter captured throughout their day!!

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