Chautauqua Park Elopement

Raina + Bryan

Its Valentine’s Day and I am sitting here looking out my window at all the pretty snow. Reminiscing on this gorgeous Chautauqua Park Elopement from December. Raina and Bryan came from out of state with a few of their closest friends and family to celebrate this day. It was cold, windy, and I am pretty sure we all froze our butts off. But it was 110% worth every second of it.

Raina + Bryan’s Wedding Day

Honestly, these two are serious troopers. They withstood near freezing temperatures and crazy wind during this Boulder Wedding. We started off doing a private first look up on a trail further up in the park. While their guests waited down below on another trail for them to start their ceremony. They said their vows to each other during their first look which was a wonderful Idea and gave them the opportunity to really share some sweet words just the two of them.

We then adventured down for their ceremony. It was gorgeous. They had their immediate family and just a few friends there to witness this beautiful moment. Afterwards, we took a few minutes to capture their family photos and some gorgeous romantics of the two of them. This day was absolute perfection. Cold weather and all!

Chautauqua Park Elopements

This is one of my favorite locations for small intimate elopements. If you are having just a few people including the couple (10 max), you can walk right out onto the trails of the park and say your vows in front of this iconic Colorado backdrop. The flatirons make for one of the best backdrops for any wedding so close to Denver. You can also contact the city of boulder and rent the grassy lawn at Chautauqua park for a larger wedding or elopement with more guests. FIND INFO ON BOULDER PARK RENTALS HERE.

When having your Chautauqua Park Elopement there are a few things to consider…


First, I suggest to all of my couples to try and pick a weekday, or an early morning time on weekends to avoid the crowds. Chautauqua park is one of, if not the busiest, parks in The Denver/Boulder Area. On a nice day, there are HUNDREDs of people out hiking the trails. So you really need to be ok with lots of people walking by and it not being a super private elopement. On this particular day with Raina and Bryan, we got extremely lucky that it was nearly below freezing and windy out and the trails were icy, as that really is a deterrent for tourists to visit the park.


Second, Please keep in mind Leave no Trace Principles. This really goes for anywhere in the state of Colorado. But particularly in areas where you might just walk down a trail to say your vows like for a Chautauqua Park Elopement. Please stay right on the trail and on durable surfaces and out of areas that are closed for restoration. Be respectful of other hikers in the area, and of the land. Be sure and bring out with you anything you bring with you to the elopement (blankets, Florals, Etc.) and dispose of your waste there properly.  If your are unfamiliar with LNT PRINCIPLES, CLICK HERE.


Lastly, anyone having a chautauqua park elopement should always prepare for inclement weather. In the foothills, storms can roll over the mountains for afternoon showers very quickly. Even in the summer, those rainshowers can drop temperature tens of degrees very quickly. It’s always smart to keep a jacket with you anytime of the year here. If having a winter elopement, bring handwarmers and footwarmers. I recommend this awesome Rechargeable Hand Warmer. Maybe pack some hot cocoa to enjoy with your partner. Bring blankets to sit on and cuddle up with. Bring Hats and gloves! And for the ladies wearing dresses, leggings under your dress go a long way! And no matter what time of year if you are on a trail I recommend wearing durable boots.



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  1. This is amazing! Love the first look series of images and it’s great to see you guys sharing leave no trace, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m sure that this was such an incredible experience for everyone that is in attendance. You did an incredible job!!

  3. This is so helpful, I love all the tips you gave in here! The images are amazing, I especially love the first look ones!!

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