Josh+Anna-5299Let me introduce you to Josh and Anna. They are one rad couple living in the amazing city of Denver, CO and working as some pretty kick ass architectural designers. Josh was actually the one who designed the swing set they’re sitting on in the photo below. The swings are located at triangle plaza downtown where we started our session. Both of them work for the same firm, and their firm partook in the design of the millennium bridge in Denver, which we also had to shoot at as well.  We explored the area for a few hours and found some absolutely awesome spots to shoot at.  I was pretty excited when Anna said they were wanting a more urban setting. Being in Colorado the majority of my couples typically want some sort of outdoor nature like setting (I mean, who’s to blame them, we have mountains in our backyard.) But I had been craving some urban city life shooting for quite sometime so this was the perfect setting. But who knew though that you could see an OTTER SWIMMING IN DOWNTOWN DENVER!? (hahaha we like to joke…) Seriously though, even in downtown do you see wildlife.

…. (And yes I do know it was actually a beaver that we saw swimming down the river. *see images below* It was funny at the time.).

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