One thing I love so much about shooting in the South, is that SO many of my brides down there decide to have a bridal session done prior to their wedding. I just LOVE bridal sessions. The dress, the flowers, being able to focus on capturing all the pretty bridal details from the lace to the shoes to the hair. Its the best. I will tell you right now, if you are thinking about doing a bridal session.. you will not regret it.

Lauren decided she wanted a mix of outdoorsy and not so outdoorsy. So we decided to meet up at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to start our session and then moved over to The Windsor at Hebron Park for the remainder of the session. Damn was I blown away with how gorgeous the Windsor is. She couldn’t have chosen a more perfect setting for these photos. And her dress… It was absolute perfection. Dresses that blow in the wind and look wildly romantic with every move are seriously magical. If every single one of my brides decided to wear romantically flow-y/whimsical boho-y dresses for the rest of forever, I would be the happiest photographer alive.

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  1. Gasp…her dress is stunning!! You captured all the movement so beautifully and definitely have me convinced…bridal sessions are a must have!!! Gorgeous work Cara!

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