Holy freeking shit y’all!!  Its almost NYE and I can’t even get it through my brain that we’re about to enter 2018… Ummmm Where the hell did the time go?! It seems like yesterday I was writing my post about 2016… but in reality, that was a whopping 364 days ago.  It is absolutely nuts how fast time flies by.

This year was so incredibly full of life, love, and everything in between. I have flown back to TX multiple times for some of my best friends weddings, and a few of which I got to photograph. I have driven across the country to capture a wedding in Yosemite, CA with a stop in Vegas on the way. I have made some really kick ass new friends since moving up to Denver and realized how important that truly is. I have shot at a few of my bucket list wedding venues for Colorado and will be adding to that list this coming year. I traveled for more than a quarter of the weddings I had this year, and hopefully in 2018 I will double that number.

You guys.. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel to be able to live the life that I love so much. This year was beyond amazing my friends. Some of my favorite moments from this crazy whirlwind of a year are as follows:

– Shooting in a Record Store –
– Shooting multiple good friends of mine for fun, and seeing them get engaged later this year –
– Waking up at 2 Am to go hike to dream lake for a Sunrise engagement session –
– Shooting in a super rad airstream for prep photos –
– Mango the dog with her amazing flower crown –
– Meeting a pretty curious cat in Broken Bow Oklahoma, and him being in almost every photo –
– Throwin it back with a photo session at the Allen Skate Park –
– Taking some kick ass bride and groom portraits in the liquor store on the way back from their wedding ceremony –
– Driving across the country to shoot a wedding in Yosemite –
-Brides that MADE their own wedding dress… totally epic –
– Pot Brownie Bridesmaid Party Favors –
– Practically bawling at the sweetest elopement I have ever witnessed –
– Shooting a ceremony in the snow, where the wedding party carried puppies down the aisle instead of flowers –
– Finding symmetry in Downtown Dallas Parking Garages with a couple who is down for anything –
– Driving to Turner Falls and adventuring through castles for some killer portraits –
– When your bride and groom give you two hours for portraits just so you can go drive to the top of a mountain in Breck –
– Adorable babies & a lifestyle family session, I don’t get to do those enough –
– Teaching the Kick Ass Wedding Photography Workshop –

This list could seriously go on forever. Every moment was magical. Every moment was worth celebrating and worth documenting. Take a look at these very moments…. you might just find yourself in some of these photos…


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  1. I absolutely loved looking through these!! What an amazing year in review, here’s to hoping 2018 is even more magical for you!!

  2. Such great work. You really capture the moments well! Also we are so close in Colorado we should meet up sometime.

  3. There was so much diversity in this post, from beginning to end, it blew me away. Just awesome work this year and can’t wait to see what you do next year!

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