Let me tell you about this gorgeous lady. She is one fierce babe. I swear she could model all day every day and her look would never be the same.

This day was a gorgeous summer afternoon, however it was hotter than we could stand. Nevertheless, we pushed through the heat and created some absolutely stunning portraits of Sabrina around Downtown Dallas. We started off at the Aquarium, and worked our way around the area.

Talk about that gorgeous Summer glow though, the light was absolutely beautiful. One thing I miss dearly about shooting in Texas on the regular. The light in Colorado just does not compare.


If you are looking to set up a portrait session send me an inquiry!

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  1. WOW! I adore these! What a fun shoot! Not only is she gorgeous, her dress is killer, and you posed her and placed her perfectly downtown. LOVE!

  2. Wow Cara! These are so beautiful! They have such an editorial feel to them. And your friend did a great job at modeling! So much personality to them. Great job.

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