Ok so I am really big on my engagement sessions telling my couples stories as authentically as possible. I think this session with Rabecca and Zac is probably my favorite story I have told in a while. They are quite the couple. Super country, super sweet, super fun… simply awesome. They are originally from Dallas, so of course they are HUGE Dallas cowboys fans. We definitely had to incorporate the Dallas cowboys into their session somehow so they put their favorite jerseys on and we got to shooting. We decided to do the shoot on Rabecca’s dad’s land about 45 minutes from the heart of Austin. It was pretty awesome having so much space and such a variety of areas to work with. Rabecca then decided to get a little more girly and put on a super cute white dress (I love when the ladies in my engagement sessions wear white dresses) and Zac threw on a classic button up to give a little style to their shoot. We moved around to some open field areas and Zac mentioned that his old truck he use to drive in high school was on the property. This was the same vehicle he took Rabecca out in on their first date. It was a no brainer that we had to use the truck in the shoot. Granted, the truck didn’t run, so we had to work around where it was located. It just so happened to be parked in just the right spot to get some amazing effects with my prism from the sun and some beautiful light. The coolest part of her dad’s land is we took this little golf cart looking thing and got to explore in an area we probably wouldn’t have been able to walk to without getting covered in burrs and ankle deep in mud. They have a small pond on the property with some incredibly lush greenery surrounding it so we drove over to that area. It was almost like that 5 minute golf cart ride brought us to an entirely different location. Zac and Rabecca came up with the idea of getting in the water with their waders on. It was fabulous, and truly brought out their personality to finish off their session with. These two are so amazing to work with and I absolutely can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April!


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  1. Cara!! I am so impressed by these! I love the variety of locations you chose; how fitting they are to the shoot and the couple, and how well you captured them!! These are so beautiful!!! I love how they totally emulate Texas, too. You’re amazing!

  2. I’m in love with these! Their love seems so effortless and you really captured them naturally! Gorgeous field shots too! What a fun spot to shoot!

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