Billy+Katie-7362These two seriously make my heart so happy. When I get to photograph friends of mine, I always find it inspiring to see the kind of love they share. Billy and Katie are the kind of couple that have an energy that is totally enlightening. They truly just make the world a happier place by being together. Not to mention they’re just completely awesome people. Billy loves pizza… he has a thing for penguins and giraffes, and totally rocks a TMNT t-shirt better than anyone… ever. and Katie has this personality that is just wicked awesome. She is down to earth, loves a good Bloody Mary, and she’s a total animal lover… and her dogs are the cutest things in the freaking world. (her Instagram and VSCO account are flooded with her cute puppy’s photos…). I am not even kidding when I say they are two of my favorite humans. So this weekend, we met up at a bar, had a drink, then headed down to this spot I have always loved, to go shoot some kick ass portraits and drink some wine while doing so. It was kind of amazing. Oh and the Grimaldi’s pizza we had after was the topping on the cake. I would say it was a pretty successful evening.


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