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This has been by far one of my favorite engagement sessions to date. We wanted to go to a place where we thought no one else would be, or at least not many people, and where their puppies could run free. The first place I thought of was behind these office buildings in town off exchange pkwy. There is this creek that runs down by them with what looks like is some sort of a dam. You are able to walk across it in multiple areas, with a little bit of a hike involved. It really made for a great location as the dogs didn’t have to be on a leash for most of their shoot. I am a huge fan of my couples bringing their animals along for their session. Katie and Alex decided to bring all 5 of their pups (trust me, this made for a super interesting session lol) and I was ecstatic. It was truly an adventure. We really got to capture some stinkin adorable images, and some just down right funny, of them with their beloved puppies. Photo sessions that are personal really make my heart sing. Engagement sessions really should capture the essence of the couple, tell their story and who they are as people, and who they are as a couple. I always encourage those that I photograph to bring things with them that might be sentimental to them or represents them and who they are. And I am huge animal lover so I highly encourage my couples to bring their fur babies along with them to the sessions. It just makes it that much better of an experience. The puppies weren’t the only thing though that made this photo session personal. Katie is four months pregnant so technically their soon to be son, Memphis James, is also a part of their engagement session. It made this photoshoot so much more special to know that their entire family (even though one member hasn’t quite been born yet) had an impact on these memories they will have to look back on for years to come. Here are a few of the images from their creekside engagement session.


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