Seriously, I have never met a couple that is so fun loving together. Not to mention they’re just as cute as can be. Hannah works in the service industry, I swear this is why she is such a people person, and Zack is a fire fighter for Security, CO. He was telling me about all the crazy stories and adventures his job takes him on. House fires, car accidents, and I think the scariest of all things, forest fires. For real… God bless the fire fighters! Their job is scary as heck, ‘fun and exciting’ as Zack puts it, but scary. It takes a very brave soul to do that job.
On the day of their session we decided we wanted to go somewhere that one… I had never shot at before, and two…ย that they had never been to before, so the Paint Mines in Calhan seemed like the perfect spot for their couples session. It is such an epic place to take photos at. You have to be careful, as so many of those rocky formations (even just leaning on them) can be so brittle and break and be semi dangerous if trying to move around them. The colors. Oh the colors are beautiful. So many different shades of white, pink, purples, and even some orange, yellow, and blue. The sunlight would hit them just right and they would literally sparkle, which made for some amazing shots. It was also the perfect location for me to pull out my prism and get creative. If you are unfamiliar with prisming, its where you take a 3 sided prism and hold it in front of your lens so you get some really awesome effects by breaking and bending the sunlight and reflecting the objects that are around you at the time.
I would say all together, we were pretty dang successful at obtaining some amazing images and having a kick ass time..


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  1. It’s so bad that I lived in Calhan for like 5 years and never took clients out there ๐Ÿ™‚ lol I have to change that. You did a FANTASTIC job capturing these two. So comfortable and natural. Lovely

    1. Katie thanks so so much! That means a ton! I really try to capture the more natural candid images over anything, I am glad that is something that’s noticed. <3

  2. These are AMAZING! Oh my goodness, incredible job capturing the incredible landscape and their sweet personalities! In love with this shoot.

  3. You have such an incredible eye for light and composition, after I submit this comment, I am going to have to spend more time on your website looking at your gorgeous art.

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